Sizing pictures when submitting a new listing

As we explain thoroughly in the article presenting the tips and tricks to take the best possible shot of your real estate, we want to emphasize about the importance of sizing your picture to get the best out of

The short answer : Photo aspect ratio set on 16/9. As simple as that, and if you take photo from your camera ‘s phone, chances are that you already have the right aspect ratio setting by default. 16/9 means the photo ratio between the width and the height. 

Now, let’s get into more details and explain exactly what could happen to your photo automatically if the aspect ratio is not the expected one.

The challenge

When you navigate throughout and look at your favorite house and condo, we want you to have a unified experience. That would mean that we need that all the photo on our marketplace look the same. To achieve this goal, we’ve added an integrated tool that will ensure that no matter user’s picture, when uploaded, they will be cropped accordingly to the 16/9 standard.

How the cropping works

The logic behind our cropping is simple : center. We will always cut out the necessary border to get the centered version of the picture. We hope this will get the best results most of the time. Here some normal and extreme example of photo that would be cropped when submitting a new listing.

Correct orientation with a height slightly too big

Correct orientation with a width slightly too big

Wrong orientation with a height way too big

My camera takes photo with the wrong aspect ratio

A common setting for camera is 4/3 and you may have this setting activated. If you want to setup your camera’s phone you can follow one of the guide below that correspond to your hardware.

Setting the aspect ratio on an Iphone

Setting the aspect ratio on an Android phone