To assure your listing is approved swiftly post submission, please follow the below guidelines.

Listing Description

  • We strongly recommend users to publish lengthy descriptions with all the keywords you think appropriate.
  • Users like reading well structured content and tend to stay longer if the content is interesting and insightful.
  • The use of third party links to other websites is not allowed.
  • The use of phone numbers and other contact details is not allowed.
  • The reference to a third party company is not allowed.

Photo Guidelines

  • Please use high quality photos. For more information on how illustrates photos, please read these photo tips
  • Our system automatically crops images to improve user experience. Please read the tips here how we crop to assure your listing will portrait stunning photos.
  • Company watermarks are not allowed and such listings will be rejected.
  • Marketing content on images is not allowed.
  • Faces of humans must be blurred to comply with our Privacy Policy
  • Plate numbers of cars or house numbers must be blurred to comply with our Privacy Policy
  • Photos illustrating violence, pornographic content or suffering are not allowed.