Deehiy pronounced “d-hi” means “home” or “at home” in the language of our Swiss Co-Founder and CEO Mendes Cavin; a carefully chosen name for a diversified real estate company made up of a real estate developer, a cross-border property agency and a global online real estate marketplace.

The company was originally founded in March 2022 by a hotelier, a restaurateur and a software engineer, who happened to be in the same room at the same time for a good cup of coffee earlier that year. During their short time together sipping coffee, they shared how their lives were suddenly pushed into different directions by the outbreak of the pandemic.

Maypreeya (known as May), for one, opened a street stall in 2014, serving food on a night market in Pattaya, Thailand. She was so successful that she was able to grow the business into an international Thai restaurant franchise with branches in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea and Mexico by the end of 2019. However, was forced to shut her company at the end of 2020 due to the worsening of the global pandemic. In 2021 she started exploring opportunities in real estate as a freelance sales agent to earn some well needed income.

Cyril, an early investor in Bitcoin, was previously the co-founder and CTO of a blockchain start-up traveling the world to spread word about their exciting new product. However, the lack of investment and real use cases eventually led him to look for other opportunities.

Prior to co-founding Deehiy, Mendes was the founder and CEO of a fast growing hotel development company, which focused on the development of independent luxury hotels. The first hotel was developed in 2014 and by 2019 the company had developed 12 properties throughout Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. In 2021 the company had to shut its doors due to the lack of new hotel developments during the pandemic.

On that very morning in early 2022 at the coffee shop, the three realized they could complement each other, and help one another get back into business. This time with the brainpower of three. May needed an easy to use real estate platform, which Mendes, as a hobby designer, was fond of designing and Cyril willing to build. In July that year they had their first functioning website up and running and realized it had much more potential than they first imagined. At around the same time they started work on residential development projects and were able to generate income from several streams. By September 2022, the name Deehiy was heard of in 23 provinces of Thailand and reached listings in three countries including Luxembourg and Switzerland with a total of 14 people on board.

What we work towards

Deehiy’s mission is to simplify selling and buying real estate anywhere and we are committed to creating a free of charge user-friendly platform for sellers, buyers and agents alike. Although the concept of online marketplaces is nothing new, what sets us apart from the ocean of property platforms is simplicity, design, global reach and our innovative end-to-end user tools.

The Team behind Deehiy

A company is only as strong as the combined forces of its Executive Team. Deehiy is led by a diverse team consisting of:

CEO Mendes Cavin, who is leading a strong and robust plan to achieve the company’s vision of becoming the World’s preferred real estate marketplace.

CTO Cyril Ternay, who with his incredible knowhow of tech is building upon the promise to provide a high-tech, simple to use platform for our community.

CSO May Cavin, also referred to as the “Mother of Sales” by Deehiy’s internal team, is tirelessly developing new sales talent and pushes existing Rockstars to new heights.

Board Advisor Andrea Joss is reaching for new levels with her creative branding and communication ideas, shaping Deehiy to the beauty we want it to be.

2023 and beyond

Deehiy will continue to improve user-friendliness and implement new features and tools for our community. We will work hard to enter new countries, reach new communities and expand our company’s potential.