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Why work with deehiy.com ?

Why not? It’s FREE and you can only benefit! As a verified Sales Representative you enjoy full flexibility and freedom to manage time and resources. You are not required to work only with us, and yet we provide you with all the tools you need to maximize your chances of faster money gain in real estate. As a verified Sales Representative you will gain free access to all the tools for Agents. You have the freedom of working on your own, for another firm or with other Sales Representatives of deehiy.com and benefit from the unique commission scheme we offer. Here is how you can benefit:

  1. 50% of total commission when selling any property listed on deehiy.com

  2. 20% of total commission for the closing of a lead referred to you by deehiy.com

  3. 10% of total commission for any of your listings being sold through deehiy.com

  4. 5% of total commission for any sales by a lead brought to deehiy.com by you

How we support Sales Representatives

As a Sales Representative you enjoy global presence and access to a global network of buyers, sellers and agents, allowing you to sell domestically or internationally. You will never have to worry about marketing, admin or legal matters anymore and can fully focus on sales. All your listings will also automatically be eligible for the “Buy with Deehiy™” commission payback scheme. And on top of all that you have free access to all Real Estate Rockstars workshops where you can network and learn about the latest in real estate.

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