How to add a new listing tutorial


From the very first step of the Deehiy journey, we’ve built the tool to be as simple as possible. We want you to be able to list a new property in a matter of minutes. Everything has been designed to be lightweight, friendly, and efficient. If after following the tutorial you are still struggling somewhere, please let us know and we will be glad to assist you or even better, maybe update our tool to be even easier !

Step 1 : Profile creation

In order to publish a new listing on our platform you will first need to create your account here, if it is already done, please log in and jump directly to the step 3

Registering is very straight, choose a username, fill in your email, and check the anti-robot protection :

After submission, you’ll be welcomed by an email containing a button that will lead you to set your new password :

Setup your password by repeating your new password twice.

Now you’ve created your account, you can log in to the platform.

Step 2 : Profile completion (Optional)

In the menu in the top right or the one on the left side, you can find an “Account settings” section.

In that section you can setup your name and last name. Be careful as those informations can only be set up once and for all. On the bottom of the page, you can choose your preferred language for email correspondence. 

Step 3 : Listing creation

In the menu, find the section named “My listings”. If this is your first time, you should be welcomed to create your first listing as shown below :

After clicking this button, the first step will be for you to choose a country among the one currently available. As for August 2022, Thailand and Luxembourg are open for listings and soon to be open : Mexico.

Following this step, the draft of your listing will be created. As you can see, but now, if you go back to “My listings” you should see something similar to the picture below :

Step 4 : Filling the infos

Each block of informations displayed on the listing page creation will be explained one by one.

1)  Listing ID : It is a unique number assigned to your listing. This number won’t change. You can share this number to reference it.

2) Current status of the listing. DRAFT is the first status, when submitting for review, it becomes PENDING, after validation you will get APPROVED or REFUSED.

3) The province where the property is located. Only after selecting one here, you will see the list in 4 update with the available choices.

4) The district where the property is located.

5) The property address. You don’t need to add the province, district or postal code on that line. Just add the rest of the address information or at least what you are comfortable with. Could be the building name, the neighborhood community name or the exact address if you want.

6) Postal code of the property.

7) After choosing a district (4) the marker will be updated to be around the chosen district. But if you want you can directly put the GPS coordinates from Google. See (9) to learn how to.

8) The marker is manually moveable. So if you know how to place precisely the marker on your property you can do it that way.

9) go on Google Maps, locate your property correctly and right click on the exact position you would like to place the marker. You will see the menu displayed on the picture below. Now, if you click on the first menu line where the numbers are, it will copy the coordinates. You can then simply paste these coordinates to the input in (7)

10) Property type. Depending on your country, choose between Condo, House, Land, Apartment, Villa and so on.

11) Select the year your building was built. If the property is still in under development, you can select the first option.

12) & 13) Select the right amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. If Land was selected, those options won’t be displayed.

14) & 15) The sizes of the property. Be careful on the unit as we adapt it to the widely used units in the selected country.

16) Price for the property. Be careful on the currency as we adapt it to the country’s currency.

17) Depending on which language you are on, you will be prompted to add a description in that language first. The limit is 2000 characters. Emoji and any special symbols are allowed.

18) If you know how to put a description in the other language provided, it will be a great improvement for readability for potential buyers. We currently offer French and English descriptions.

19) Select here up to 20 features and amenities for your listing. You can write manually to search for quick filtering.

20) Specific to Thailand, select the ownership of the property. To read more about thailand ownership, a recent article worth to be read.

21) The selection of pictures can be made in two manners, either you click on the grey area to open your file explorer or you can simply drag and drop pictures. As mentioned, a minimum of 3 photos are needed to comply with our standards and up to 20 pictures. The size of each pictures is limited to 15 MB. If your pictures are too big, we would recommend you to use the following online tools to resize : Choose a width of 800 px minimum.

Finally, when you are ready to submit your listing to our team, instead of “Save Draft”, check the listing agreement, and submit for review. Our team will then check if all the information provided are following our guidelines and swiftly approve your listing.


We hope that this tutorial will lead you on the right track for your real estate journey. Feel free to contact us if you want to provide any type of feedback as we are very keen to match our user needs.

Best of luck with your sales from all of us at Deehiy.